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An Empty Boat (Ft Achazia)

from by Mono Stone

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When the moon is full,
Out on the loch,
Find a place to hide,
Stand still, stand still.

Keep to the shadows,
Watch for the watchers.

It tingles inside,
But wait a while,
Don't rush,
Let your eyes adjust.

When all is clear,
Dash for the boats,
Untie a good one,
And glide over shingle,
Into the gentle waves.

There's a place,
Hidden from the road,
Where memories never die,
Some may say,
With a mourning face,
Of love and loss and lies.

So we danced,
With irreverence,
On sand under the stars,
And we screamed,
every name we knew,
We cast our lines too far.

Row into the night,
Dig the oars deep,
Feel your own power,
Your senses alive,
Enjoy the moist air,
Soon you will be truly alone,
Let fear take a grip,
Give in to its pull,
Float into its arms.

When the moon casts her spell,
Look beyond her reflection,
Touch the water,
A finger tip's tap,
Then dare to put your hand into the unknown.

Here we stay, suffering,
Starlit in the storm,
And we pray, to God each day,
Come, take us home,
And we fly, under the waves,
We glide through sunken skies,
And we cry, just for ourselves,
For love, and loss and lies.

Look at your sunken hand now,
Your own hand distorting,
Feeling detached,
It intoxicates,
Fills your head with fear and freedom,
Now look closer, closer, closer,
Plunge your face into the nightmare murk,
Hold it there,
Open your eyes,
And awake to the dream.

See down there in the powdery soup,
See where the blackness is moving,
A shape is rising,
Don't flinch,
Let it come,
Watch it rise,
The moon will catch it soon.

Now it's here,
Welcome it,
Smile as the shining eye drifts close by,
And catch a tail ride,
Into the black.

We are free, we are bound to be,
Regret may flood our eyes,
We are lost, we are memory,
We're love and loss and lies.
We are dreams, ethereal,
The children of beneath,
We are damned,
We are beautiful.

We are free, we are bound to be,
Starlit in the storm,
We are lost, we are memory,
Gone before the dawn,
We are dreams, ethereal,
On shores under the moon,
We are damned,
We are beautiful,
Drawn to leave too soon.

When the moon is full,
Out on the loch,
And empty boat bobs,


from Mono Stone, released May 18, 2016
Featuring Achazia on spoken vocals



all rights reserved


Mono Stone Manchester, UK

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