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Mono Stone

by Mono Stone

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released May 18, 2016

All songs written by Mono Stone

All vocals and instruments performed by Mono Stone, except spoken Vocals on 'An Empty Boat' performed and recorded by Achazia



all rights reserved


Mono Stone Manchester, UK

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Track Name: The Weight Of Dread
Unlock the spirit,
It's getting late,
Hide in a wild wood,
That's nature's escape.

Down in a hollow,
Cry for the last,
Outcast at midnight,
Lay among the grass.

Everyone knows the weight of dread,
And everyone holds onto a slender thread of hope.

See them gather,
Over the storm,
Star striding angels,
To carry us home,

There's scarlet spattered on the leaves,
I'll take you far away,
Far away from here where we'll be free,
I believe in spirit tongues,
And I decree that this is only the start,
Unleash the brilliance of the moon,
And scar the waves,
And take me down to the surf,
For all the land that starved of rain,
The star will shine again,
From the love that I feel inside,
Some strain their ears to the stars,
I'll take them all and scatter them across the evening sky,
And let the moon take the reins,
And set us down by the river,
Down where the fools dread below.
Track Name: Last Of The Star Line
Mildewed skulls among the clouds are sketching the light,
A hunter's story, tragic in fury, seems so alive,
Upon the floor, seven hundred before us, cased in ice,
Address him now, kiss his brow, begin the night.

Clutch any wonder revealed by the grooves in this heavy sleep,
In places of god seven hundred of us and we reigned supreme,
In devilish weather we voyage the sea with ferocious minds,
Last of the Star Line.

Reverse the light to bring the night beneath the blue,
A portrait is hung, remembered in song with words untrue,
This grave never ends, terror we bred with broken limbs,
Magic their souls, intent on parole, the city sings.

Still more cased in ice, it's a terror of whiteness and leaning spires.
Old fairy tale green is a forest of dreaming untraveled miles,
These things alone make the tearless remember to change their minds,
Last of the Star Line.
Track Name: Forever Night
We, we walked the narrow streets,
With cigarettes for sleep,
One drowsy afternoon.

They, they smiled and played guitars,
With God in every word,
To watchers in beat shoes.

And the love we found...
Dark paradise,
And the life we found...
Forever night.

See, forever north and south,
A thousand stony eyes,
Watch the world and cry.

Arched, The watcher by the church,
Thundering he screams,
Crying 'God In Me'.

And the love we found...
Dark paradise,
And the life we found...
Forever night.
Track Name: It's Late
Until morning fade away,
I saw us lay under stars in a colour field,
Side by soul,
I saw the moonlit rain pouring down on us,
Foolish we were,
But freedom's for fools to steal,
And we would steal.

Faith isn't blind for many here,
Faith isn't blind for many here,
Where's my hope?

While some stars fall and fail,
Mine frail,
Yours - the sun,
Scream on my own,
Follow the ghost to the fields where you run,
Pour and pour,
Feel those tears just fly away,
I'm a fool again,
You're chosen.

Faith isn't blind for many here,
Faith isn't blind for many here,

Then my soul, you elate,
I'm chilled by the moment,
And those falling tears are frozen,
They are stolen.

Oh we stole, stone us crows,
We fly to heaven high,
Stone we feel,
Stone we fall,
Stone forever lies,
I thought it was real,
The storm could blow you to me,
And ford the dream.

Faith isn't blind for many here,
Faith isn't blind for many here,
Where's my hope?
Track Name: An Empty Boat (Ft Achazia)
When the moon is full,
Out on the loch,
Find a place to hide,
Stand still, stand still.

Keep to the shadows,
Watch for the watchers.

It tingles inside,
But wait a while,
Don't rush,
Let your eyes adjust.

When all is clear,
Dash for the boats,
Untie a good one,
And glide over shingle,
Into the gentle waves.

There's a place,
Hidden from the road,
Where memories never die,
Some may say,
With a mourning face,
Of love and loss and lies.

So we danced,
With irreverence,
On sand under the stars,
And we screamed,
every name we knew,
We cast our lines too far.

Row into the night,
Dig the oars deep,
Feel your own power,
Your senses alive,
Enjoy the moist air,
Soon you will be truly alone,
Let fear take a grip,
Give in to its pull,
Float into its arms.

When the moon casts her spell,
Look beyond her reflection,
Touch the water,
A finger tip's tap,
Then dare to put your hand into the unknown.

Here we stay, suffering,
Starlit in the storm,
And we pray, to God each day,
Come, take us home,
And we fly, under the waves,
We glide through sunken skies,
And we cry, just for ourselves,
For love, and loss and lies.

Look at your sunken hand now,
Your own hand distorting,
Feeling detached,
It intoxicates,
Fills your head with fear and freedom,
Now look closer, closer, closer,
Plunge your face into the nightmare murk,
Hold it there,
Open your eyes,
And awake to the dream.

See down there in the powdery soup,
See where the blackness is moving,
A shape is rising,
Don't flinch,
Let it come,
Watch it rise,
The moon will catch it soon.

Now it's here,
Welcome it,
Smile as the shining eye drifts close by,
And catch a tail ride,
Into the black.

We are free, we are bound to be,
Regret may flood our eyes,
We are lost, we are memory,
We're love and loss and lies.
We are dreams, ethereal,
The children of beneath,
We are damned,
We are beautiful.

We are free, we are bound to be,
Starlit in the storm,
We are lost, we are memory,
Gone before the dawn,
We are dreams, ethereal,
On shores under the moon,
We are damned,
We are beautiful,
Drawn to leave too soon.

When the moon is full,
Out on the loch,
And empty boat bobs,
Track Name: An Empty Window
Don't talk of love,
Men don't cry,
Shouting, screaming every night.
Face at the window, full of life,
Keep down the noise,
Turn out the light.

Don't fail me now,
Don't leave me now.

The strongest hands never fail,
The deepest love's behind a vail,
Face at the window from the night,
I see the child you hide inside.

Don't fail me now,
Don't leave me now.

The thickest blood to lay you down,
The strongest hands not holding now,
The empty window to the night,
I wish I'd told you,
Wish I could hold you.

I've failed you now,
I let you down.
Track Name: Fallen Star
All you treasure's in a bag,
Can't go back,
You lost the map,
Twisted trees,
No evergreens,
This way is peace.

In this wind it's hard to breathe,
Secure the cardboard canopy,
Crystal blue eyes, heavenly,
Remind us all,
It could be me.

Called by the dawn,
The outline of a memory drawn in the fog,
Cathedral silhouettes, no place for the lost,
Forever passing by.

Fooled by a dream,
A victim of the dice, bereft of belief,
A shuffling shadow, hollow, drifts with the stream,
That flows into the light.

So maybe you're alone,
Or maybe there's a million lost on the same road,
Dragging skeletons and clawing the stone,
Clutching every straw so tight.

Don't forget who you are,
You're a superman, a star,
So you've got nothing left,
Remember nothing's kept,
And nothing's evergreen,
Come on and part the sea.

So you feel every story alive in the dusty air,
It's everywhere, everywhere,
Every hill leads to paradise,
Man there's no coming down,
Where are you now,
Fallen star.

Silver you are,
Come around to us and shine on the path,
We're heading home but broken and starved,
Longing for a sign.

The sun's going down,
The day is ending, there's the last spoken sound,
Find a doorway or retreat underground,
Maybe tomorrow's your time.

Don't forget who you are,
You're a superman, a star.